Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Controversial and Emotional Topic

One thing that life repeatedly teaches me is that when you've had and share a difficult experience, there is always someone who has had worse than you. I don't mean this in a bitter "Let me have my pity party" way. I mean it as I said it.

A few good friends have taken some time to read from this blog, and I appreciate the interest very much. In at least a couple (if not all) of their cases, their labor experiences were even more difficult than mine, or they had more complicated pregnancies and deliveries. From my heart, I mean it when I say that it always humbles me to hear their stories. I am grateful that, though I've never had a complication free delivery, a cesarean section hasn't been necessary (so far - fingers crossed). I'm also grateful that, of our 3 babies, so far only one had to do NICU time. (Though our third baby gave us enough of a scare just in labor).

With all of that said, it raises the question in my mind of whether I should even share these thoughts and experiences on a blog, or should I just keep them to myself. My quick instinct, however, is that it's good to blog them.

First of all, when I was pregnant for the first time, I would've appreciated hearing all of these things. I had mentioned to a few people that I was interested in unmedicated childbirth, and I had very little positive response. It's no one else's fault that I didn't go out and get myself and my husband better educated, but I would've appreciated more support. I can honestly say that, had my friend and neighbor not shared her birth experiences with me, I would probably have just stayed with my controlling doctors and had another miserable birth experience. Yet my baby would still have had the same complications he had with his birth, and then we both might have been in terrible shape. Or it might have been better and I wouldn't have been the wiser. But then I wouldn't have these groovy experiences to encourage other women with... :)

Seriously, though, if my blog stresses anyone out, please don't feel obligated to read it. I'm not trying to tell people how they should be laboring or what they are missing if they don't do it "my way." I'm just sharing some thoughts, feelings, and information in hopes that it'll help me not have an anxiety attack everyday for the next 4 months leading up to my next delivery. I'm also hoping that some curious or hopeful mom might benefit from hearing these things in some way.

So if you dare, read on...

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